There was a lot of awesomeness to take in during last week's DC Universe Online press event at Sony's offices in Austin, Tx., but one of the highlights of the trip was sitting down with signature story writer Marv Wolfman. The prolific Teen Titans and Crisis on Infinite Earths scribe has contributed hundreds of missions to the upcoming MMORPG, which will pit players against everyone from the Scarecrow in the sewers of Gotham, to Doomsday in Smallville, to Trigon in DC's underworld. ComicsAlliance Editor-In-Chief Laura Hudson and contributing correspondent Alan Kistler caught up with Wolfman to learn more about his experience making one of the most anticipated games of 2011 accessible to both current comic book fans and new players.When asked about the difference between his comic book and videogame work, Wolfman compared his storytelling goals to that of a travel guide steering road trippers across the country, suggesting all of the best monuments and sites with the knowledge that the choice is ultimately up to those behind the wheel.

Wolfman also broke down the importance of making the game and its characters accessible to non comic readers, emphasizing the importance of making each hero and villain's motivations clear through their actions in each story.

"I had the same exact problem when I did a book called Crisis on Infinite Earths. That was aimed, very much, towards Marvel readers at the time, to try and show them how many great characters DC had. And you have to walk a very fine line where you are not disappointing any regular DC fans, but you're trying to make the characters clear enough for others."

Watch our full interview below:

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Disclosure: Sony Online Entertainment provided for airfare, hotel, and meal costs for this visit.

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