Disney's $4 billion purchase of Marvel Comics has opened the door to many, many questions, but it looks like one angle on the equation has already been decided, for now, anyway.

Over on the Marvel Blogs, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort took to answering fan questions. Among the numerous Disney-related inquiries, one other major issue caught the eye of Robot 6, namely, the matter of any future Marvel/DC Comics crossover titles.

"There's always a possibility, but I'm not sure that anybody in a position to make a difference on either side of the fence is particularly jazzed about the notion of doing more of these. We've already covered a wide gamut in terms of crossovers we've already produced, some good and some bad, to the point where the whole thing has lost a lot of its uniqueness," wrote Brevoort, "It may just be that I'm spoiled because I got to work on 'Avengers/JLA,' the last one, but I don't feel any tremendous pull to do another one. Then again, there are cool creators who haven't had a chance in the pool, so you never know."

It's important to point out that Brevoort didn't single out legal issues under Marvel's recent acquisition by Disney as a reason not to pursue more crossovers, but rather creative and fan interest issues. Of course, that's not much consolation to "Marvel Vs. DC" or Amalgam fans of the mid '90s.

Seriously, give me my Spider-Boy!

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