‘Mighty Avengers': A Step Forward For A Publisher, A Change In Tone From An Editor
  After days of teaser images from Marvel hinting at some kind of new series, this morning the publisher finally announced a relaunch of Mighty Avengers. Written by Al Ewing with art from Greg Land, the new series features a team led by Luke Cage, with Falcon, White Tiger, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Blue Marvel, Monica Rambeau (now named Spectrum), a new Ronin, and the new Power Man as members. Notably
Marvel NOW Avengers Panel: Secrets Revealed [NYCC 2012]
A new creative team and new direction for a relaunched Secret Avengers book was the headline announcement at Marvel's Avengers panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday -- but there were also some other secrets revealed, including the names of three additional members of the sprawling non-secret Avengers line-up...
Are Angry Comic Book Fans Better for Sales? [Poll]
In a recent Formspring question and answer with fans, the frequently and refreshingly candid Marvel Executive VP Tom Brevoort answered several questions from fans about whether apathetic fans or angry fans were worse for sales of comic books, and his answer was unequivocal: When it comes to selling comics, it's better to be hated than to be ignored...

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