On a conference call with comics press today, writer Rick Remender and editor Tom Breevort revealed additions to the Uncanny Avengers team. Starting with issue #5, the team's roster will expand to nine members, with Sunfire, Wonder Man, and The Wasp joining the cast. It was also revealed that Olivier Coipel will be the guest artist for issue 5, spelling regular series artist John Cassaday.

Marvel has provided the Cassaday drawn cover to Uncanny Avengers #5, which you can see in full after the cut.

Having been formed in response to the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, each new team member will be a welcome addition to many longtime readers of the various Avengers and X-Men titles. The Wasp joins Thor as the only founding members of the Avengers on this current roster. Wonder Man has a long history with the team and with teammate The Scarlet Witch. And while Sunfire was only a full member of the X-Men for a very brief time, he remains a fan favorite. Also, the presence of the Japanese-born Sunfire adds some diversity to what is otherwise an all-white cast for the lead title in the publisher's Marvel Now initiative.

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