Today at SXSW in Austin, TX, Marvel Comics officially announced the rebranding of its web-based Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscription service as simply, "Marvel Unlimited." The name change signals the launch of a new Marvel Unlimited iOS app, which gives users access to the same shifting stable of some 13,000 digital comics on a potentially more convenient platform and interface. Current MDCD subscribers can already access content through the free app, same as usual, and needn't worry about any kind of price hike. MU's subscription fee is still stable at MDCD's roughly $10-per-month or about $60 for a full year (about half off the month-to-month rate) for an unspecified limited time. The nature of the MU library also hasn't changed, with the viewing experience retained and all titles still at least six months old.Marvel's MU app listing is careful to keep new readers in mind with the reminder that "You can preview every issue in the archive and read dozens of full free issues to explore the benefits of Marvel Unlimited risk-free!" In other words, there's backissue content new users can try before committing to a subscription.

According to Gizmodo, Marvel's got plans for more changes to MU coming later in the year, too, including some kind of "fan club membership opportunity." No specifics are available just yet,

but I wouldn't mind seeing digital ads for a new Merry Marvel Marching Society.



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