Gaming: Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy characters and costumes are coming to Marvel: Avengers Alliance. [Arcade Sushi]


Marvel Uliminited SXSW sale

Digital Comics: From now until March 14, users can sign up for Marvel Unlimited and get their first month for $0.99 with the "SXSW99" promo code. [Marvel Unlimited]


Gaming: The final promo for Namco Bandai's J-Stars Victory Vs. previews all 52 playable characters from the 32 series celebrated in Shonen Jump's 45th anniversary game. [Namco Bandai]


Movies: A new trailer for the CG-animated 3D feature, Stand By Me Doraemon -- the "first — and final — story" of the futuristic robo cat, is all about feelings. [JEFusion]


Anime: A new anime based on Hiroyuki's Mangaka-san to Assistant-san looks... romanticized. [ANN]


Fans: Robson Menezes dos Santos animates his son into Dragon Ball Z for his birthday in an apparent bid to become a Super Saiyan 4 level father. [JunkieMonkeys]

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