Now that the free-to-play Marvel Heroes is confirmed to launch on PC this spring, Gazillion has moved on a bit from simply offering free beta keys to fans to unveiling its "Founders Program," which offer those with the cash three content packs that will kickstart adventuring in the new MMO. Gazillion's careful to point out that players will be able to unlock almost everything in the game without spending a cent, but explains the $19.99 Starter Pack, $59.99 Premium Pack and $199.99 Ultimate Pack will give fans seeking more instant gratification early access to gameplay plus things like unlocked playable heroes, alternate costumes, experience boosts, special forum titles and avatars, and bonus in-game currency.From Gazillion's official announcement:

Marvel Heroes was built from the ground up to be a free-to-play game. Players will be able to get nearly ALL Heroes and Costumes in the game for free, just by playing. The Founders Program gives you the opportunity to play as your favorite Heroes from the day we launch! For an incredible value, you'll get your choice of starting heroes, alternate costumes spanning Marvel's expansive history, special game boosts, and more!

The packs are available for an unspecified limited time, but if the offer's "estimated value" notes are any indication, players might be able to pay for similar content at a higher rate when the game's released... in case you aren't ready to commit to paying for content from the final version of a game you haven't played just yet.

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