Fan Films: If you like Deathstroke on Arrow, you may also enjoy this upcoming Arkham Assassin fan film starring Slade Wilson. [Geek Tyrant]


Millionaires: Oh nvm, Chris Evans isn't going to retire from acting after his Cap contract is over. [Good Morning America]



Movies: Holly Hunter is going to be in Batman Vs. Superman. Her official role hasn't been announced, but we have to assume she'll be playing Robin. [ScreenCrush]


Humor: Tony Le imagines Kill la Kill as localized by 4Kids. Seems about right. [Crunchyroll]


Marvel Heroes Taskmaster

Gaming: Taskmaster is actually available now in the Marvel Heroes MMO. No joke. Gotta love that Udon costume. [MH]


Dragon Ball sale Funimation

Sales: Funimation is having a Dragon Ball/Z/GT Blu-ray and DVD sale through April 7, offering more than 60 percent off its usual prices. [Funimation]

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