Good news from PAX Prime this weekend for fans antsy to play Gazilion's free-to-play Marvel Heroes MMO: Registration for the game's closed beta will open on October 1. Fans who register a an account on MH's official site will be entered to be selected as one of an initial batch of "relatively small number of people" who can play the game early, although more and more will be added over time according to Gazillion. That's not all that was revealed at PAX, however, Gazillion also debuted a new "Daredevil cleans up Hell's Kitchen" gameplay footage trailer showing DD and a variety of other heroes fighting crime on the Kingpin's turf, plus corresponding character model sheets of The Man Without Fear, the Punisher and... Squirrel Girl? You can see the new trailer and character model sheets after the cut. I'm not sure MH's take on the war against Kingpin compares to Capcom's 1993 Punisher game just yet, but it's a start.

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