The day many gamers have been waiting for since 2011 is finally here as Gazillion's free-to-play Marvel Heroes MMO helmed by David Brevik and written by Brian Michael Bendis launches worldwide. CA's had a chance to play early versions of the game a few times over the past year or so, with both Andy Yen and Chris Simsresponding positively to its beat-em-up qualities and diversity between playable characters, but today the title introduces fans to its opening cinematic, which explores a little more of the game's sprawling plot. The verdict? Uatu the Watcher seems pretty stressed out about what's about to go down.


On top of the opening cinematic's character/story introduction content, Gazillion's also recently released a prequel motion comic that sheds some light on the game's main antagonist Dr. Doom and what he plans to do with the Cosmic Cube he's recently acquired. While it's a little surprising to see more traditionally animated cinematics and motion comics used for supplemental material rather than CG animated content more in line with the game's Unreal-powered appearance, everything seems to synch up with what fans have seen from the game so far. Lee Garbett and Ron Lim's art, along with inks and colors by Chris Sotomayor do a lot of the heavy lifting in that regard, especially given their respective histories working on Marvel comics. You can watch the full Chronicles of Doom saga below.

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