Following its earlier Founders Program offerings, Gazillion's back for another round of premium packs as the countdown to the still vague spring launch of its Marvel Heroes MMO continues. In honor of the May 3 release of Iron Man 3, the latest MH premium packs focus on Tony Stark's comic book and movie armors. Though the game will be free-to-play at launch, fans with $59.99 can splurge on instant access to respective "Iron Man Movie Star" and "Iron Man - The Armory" packs that provide six suits, early access to the game, stat boosts and in-game currency.

"Movie Star" armors include Iron Man Extremis, Iron Mark II, Iron Man Mark IV, Iron Man MK V, Iron Man MK VI and the Iron Man Avengers armor while the "Armory" pack comes with Iron Man Extremis, Iron Mark I, Iron Man Classic, Iron Man Silver Centurion, Iron Man Stealth, Iron Man Marvel NOW! armors. Fans looking to play in the Iron Man 3 Mark 42 armor will have to shell out for the nearly $200 "Ultimate" pack if they want to don IM's newest suit, however. Or they can wait until it shows up in the MH store solo.

Fans can check out a number of the Marvel Heroes Iron Man suits from these packs in a new trailer, below.

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