Last year Marvel launched Infinite Comics, a digital comics initiative designed specifically for mobile devices, for the purpose of creating content meant to take advantage of the creative and technological opportunities those devices provide. The idea behind the initiative was to treat mobile devices as a new canvas of sorts, in order to both reach a new generation of readers and enhance the experience for current Marvel fans. Today at SXSW Marvel revealed the next step in the evolution of Infinite Comics, as the publisher announced that, beginning this July, it will release a new digital comic every Tuesday for a year, with four different 13-chapter series each spotlighting one of Marvel's biggest characters. This marks the first time Marvel has offered all-new weekly digital comics content. The first series will star Wolverine, with a story written by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour.Titled Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted, this initial story -- written by Aaron and Latour, and featuring art by Paco Diaz -- is set in Japan, and pits Wolverine against Silver Samurai, an army of ninjas, and ultimately leads to another confrontation with Sabertooth. The following three series, each 13 chapters long, will be announced at a later date, but the publisher promises that each will spotlight a top Marvel character and creator. Each story will also be set in current continuity, to provide interests for long time fans who already follow the exploits of their favorite Marvel characters every week in print.

Marvel's Infinite Comics can be purchased via the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Comics Webstore. The first chapter of Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted will be available Tuesday, July 9th.

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