The comic world has been abuzz with new trailers for Spider-Man Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, both of which arrived at a time when we needed a little bit of delightful superhero humor. Following those reveals, Hasbro has been on a bit of an announcement tear itself, showing off new toys tied to the upcoming Marvel movies. We've actually seen a few of these latest Guardians of the Galaxy toys throughout the year, but the line-up for the first GotG, Vol. 2 wave is now officially locked in with a solid mix.

The comic versions of Darkhawk, Angela and Nova are all figures we've been expecting to arrive with one of the Guardians waves next year, but Star-Lord, Drax and Yondu get things rolling on the cinematic front. Vance Astro rounds out the first set, and as a classic Guardian, it's a nice addition to the Marvel Legends line. Vance actually got a 3.75" Legends figure this year, but the 6" Legends can never have too many characters from Marvel history versus the cinematic universe.

All seven figures come together to build Titus, the spacewolf with a gun for an arm. Like Star-Lord, Drax and Yondu, Titus is a bit of a surprise. This is the kind of deep cut that makes the Legends line such a fan-favorite, even if Titus isn't exactly a character most of the masses will recognize without a little Wiki diving.

Sadly, no baby Groot, Gamora or Rocket Raccoon (or Nebula) this time around, but don't count them out for the second wave. Given how popular the Guardians movie franchise has become, it's likely most of them will find their way into the second wave sometime later in the year. A Rocket/Groot pack considering baby Groot is so small would make sense for sure. Time will tell though, and we'll likely learn more at Toy Fair in February.

The Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 series will be out in 2017.


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