There's been a multitude of awesome Marvel Mini-Mates since the toy line first debuted through Diamond Select, but after 36 different waves filled with every superhero and villain you could possibly dream up, one has to wonder how the series is going to keep itself fresh for much longer.

Well, somehow, Diamond has pulled it off, as the upcoming 37th wave looks to be one of the most exciting lineups yet. The various roster of two-packs includes a six-armed Spider-Man paired up with The Lizard, a 1990s era Professor Charles Xavier (complete with snuggley red blanket) alongside Warpath in his X-Force costume, and a scowling Ben "The Thing" Grimm squared up against a Doombot. The specialty exclusive two-pack is the best one of all - a trench coat and sunglasses-wearing Thing, once again at odds with a Doombot. Talk about clobbering time!

These Mini-Mates are expected in stores in November 2010. You can pre-order the whole set now for $29.99 from Big Bad Toy Store.