In our recurring feature, ComicsAlliance writer Chris Sims and a rotating cast of talented artists imagine a finer world to bring you a look at the Best Comics Ever that Did Not, Will Not, and occasionally Can Not Happen! This week, the amazing Colleen Coover joins us to tell the story of the inter-company crossover you never expected to see.

What force could combine New York City's two most beloved comic institutions -- Marvel Comics and the allegedly "humorous" cartoons in The New Yorker -- into one titanic adventure? Find the answer, the full cover and the "solicitation" for this never-was classic after the jump!

Marvel Two-In-One Annual #22(2011)

Story: Chris Sims
Art: Colleen Coover

When Spider-Man's latest team-up with Benjamin J. Grimm -- the Fantastic Four's own Thing -- is featured in the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson throws a tantrum that culminates in a wish to never see those two heroes in the pages of his beloved newspaper ever again. Unfortunately for our heroes, this wish is made right before Jonah throws his new paperweight at Robbie Robertson -- a paperweight that's actually damaged replica of the Cosmic Cube, mistakenly given to Jonah by his son John!

Thanks to Jonah's anger and the power of the Cube, Spidey and the Thing are banished from the pages of the Bugle... by being transported into the pages of another NYC newsstand institution: the comics page of The New Yorker! Now, confronted with a dry, humorless world determined to keep them trapped in its pages, will mighty Marvel's greatest heroes be able to fight their way back to the four-color world they know and love? Not if the monocled Eustace Tilley has anything to say about it!

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