While a character's actions define them as heroes, villains or anti-heroes, the motivations behind those behaviors are ultimately what makes them compelling to read about. Spider-Man spins webs out of a sense of responsibility, the Punisher snuffs out crime to avenge his lost family and Lady Deadpool...well, she leaves the house when her television goes out.

The team of writer Mary H.K. Choi, artist Kenneth Lashley, inker Paul Neary and cover artist Greg Land are set to explore the fairer merc with a mouth's alternate reality adventures on July 21 in "Lady Deadpool" #1. According to Marvel things won't likely end well for those standing in the way of her quest for cable programming.

From the stunning sadism that brought you an entire brood of Deadpool droogs comes the chromosomal clusterhiccup that is Lady Deadpool. Agile, armed, and a howling she-lunatic, this recluse is robbed of the only thing she adores more than binge eating: cable TV. In an America ravaged by colossal debt and careening unemployment, the loss of the glowing idiot box is more than this girl can take. Why won't the government do anything? How is General America complicit? Was the genocide of all sitcom writers necessary? Should Wanda ransack the loins of a hot activist? Probably. 'Cause this Merc with a Mouth packs lipgloss. And it's sticky.

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