As Marvel's street-level Shadowland storyline draws to a close and its participants reel in the wake of its undead ninja fallout, fans can look forward to reliving the sinister period in Hell's Kitchen's history in miniature via Diamond Select and Art Asylum's series 38 two-packs this April.This Series 38 "Shadowland" assortment will include Spider-Man (who seems to have snuck in a "Big Time" costume) and Iron Fist, Elektra and The Hand-influenced Daredevil, White Tiger and a Hand Soldier, plus a short-packed Classic White Tiger coupled with a Hand Soldier.

Collectors disappointed by the line's lack of a murdered Bullseye, a raging Typhoid Mary, the conflicted Moon Knight or the all-new Power Man can fill the holes in the line with some creative customization, but knowing Art Asylum, it probably won't be too terribly long before the company gets around to those characters as well.

See a full-sized image of the line below:

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