Marvel Then and Now DVD coverPress Release

Marvel Then and Now: An Evening with Stan Lee and Joe Quesada (hosted by Kevin Smith), was supposed to ship at the end of March. The way we know this is because we posted it on the Web site (, but we experienced a few technical glitches along the way. The end result is:

People who ordered their copy from the Web site for $24.95 will begin receiving their copies shipping on April 27.

Retailers who ordered their copies at trade shows or online will begin receiving their copies shipping on April 27, at their advance-order preferred pricing.

In addition, Diamond Comics Distribution will handle distribution to comics shops. The product will be in the upcoming edition of Previews (for July-shipping product) at a consumer price of $29.95.

The advance-order consumer price online will remain $24.95, until the end of May, at which time, it will be raised to match the prices in stores.

"Our learning curve on producing a DVD was a little steeper than expected," said Jim McLauchlin, president of The Hero Initiative. "But we got the kinks out. This is yet another in a line of great products we're producing for 2007. Dan Wickline's The Unusual Suspects book just hit, and the book collecting all of Hero's Ultimate Spider-Man #100 covers will be coming soon. Our aim is to give retail great product they can sell, and give fans great bang for their buck."