The divide between Marvel TV and movies has gotten a bit fuzzier over the years, to the point Alfre Woodard can play separate roles in Civil War and Luke Cage, but actors nonetheless show caution choosing their MCU role. Such was apparently the case for Breaking Bad guy Giancarlo Esposito, who turned down a Marvel TV role in the hopes of securing something on the big screen.

The revelation comes courtesy of, as Esposito notes that his work on The Jungle Book put him in frequent contact with Marvel and Disney folk on the lot. Apparently, Marvel TV approached him for an unspecified role (we’d guess Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., given proximity to the studio lot, and Esposito’s ABC history with Once Upon a Time), though the actor opted to hold out for something bigger:

I know the Marvel world exists on the Disney lot. I love those guys at Marvel. We’ve been trying to figure out how to collaborate on something. I’m hoping that it is something. They came to me with something for their television department, then I realized if I did that, I’d never be able to have that same character be in that film department. Once you’re in a Marvel character in the television version, you have to stay in the particular character. They can’t carry that over to film.

We know by now that’s not necessarily the case, as actors like Woodard have appeared in multiple roles throughout the MCU, whether Enver Gjokaj (The Avengers / Agent Carter), Kenneth Choi (Captain America / Spiderman: Homecoming), Laura Haddock (Captain America / Guardians of the Galaxy) or others. Esposito might be too recognizable to double-dip, but it’s at least of interest to ponder what series approached him for a role, and what movie might potentially use him in the future.

We’re still holding out hope for a character that moves freely between the Marvel TV and movie sides, but if not Giancarlo Esposito, then who?

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