Hasbro's already cool Marvel Universe action figures are getting a little bit cooler. And when I say "getting a little bit cooler," what I really mean is "getting an action figure version of Storm with a badass mohawk," but the two phrases are more or less interchangeable.

Marvelous News has a first look at the various two-packs in Marvel Universe's upcoming wave of "Secret Wars" toys. The pairings include Bulldozer & The Thing, Doctor Doom & Absorbing Man (accompanied by a miniature Wasp figurine) and Nightcrawler, who is partnered up with the aforementioned Storm figure. Each pack comes with reprinted issues of "Secret Wars." The Bulldozer & Thing pack has issue #12, Doom & Absorbing Man have issue #10, and Storm & Nightcrawler come with issue #5.

But only one of them comes with an insanely wonderful mohawk.

Honestly, it's nice to see the 'hawk in action figure form, because there's really no way that it would work today in the comics or the "X-Men" films. Although it would be phenomenal to see Halle Berry with that hairstyle. She's certainly looked weirder.