If you're heading to the Marvel Universe LIVE! show when it kicks off an arena tour this summer but don't want to be lost in all the movie sequel action and dirtbike stunts, I have some good news! There's going to be a comic book tie-in to the show that will serve as a prequel, giving the modern theatergoer a chance to catch up on what's going on with the Cosmic Cube, the Avengers and Spider-Man before they hit the stage. Of course, while this is meant to answer questions, it also raises a few of its own. Namely:

1) Wait, there's going to be a live Marvel arena show?

2) Wait, it's going to involve dirtbike stunts?!



Yes there is, and yes it will. I have no idea how I missed out on this news until just now, but I assume it's because I was busy being upset that Batman Live never made a swing through South Carolina, which, on average, has a higher percentage of love for Batman than any other state just by virtue of me living here. Marvel Universe LIVE!, on the other hand, does not share that problem -- it's swinging through the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia in November.

Also, according to the schedule, people in Fairfax, VA have a long wait:


Marvel Universe LIVE! arena show


It'll be nice for Miguel O'Hara and Jake Gallows to take in some entertainment, though, don't you think?

As for the prequel comic, it's set to explain what's going on with Loki's evil plot to reform the Cosmic Cube after it was smashed by Thor, and also introduces the "Lectro Link," a power source for Iron Man's armor that will be available for children to purchase at the show so that they can undoubtedly help recharge the hero during the show, a truly amazing example of the evil genius that is toy marketing.

The story will be written by Marvel veteran Frank Tieri, with art by Miguel Sepulveda and Jay David Ramos and a cover by Mike McKone.


Marvel Universe LIVE! Prequel Comic


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