It may still be awhile before Gazillion Entertainment shows off any gameplay from its upcoming free-to-play Marvel Universe MMO, but if you've had your eye on the Marvel Massively Multiplayer Society's Tumblr feed, you've gotten to scope out some of the game's character designs for Captain America, Cable, Wolverine and Deadpool. So far the characters seem suitably beefier than their counterparts in Gazillion's all-ages Marvel Super Hero Squad Online.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, the as-yet-untitled MMO will allow players to steer the actions of actual Marvel heroes and villains, unlike DC Universe Online, which tasks players with creating their own characters. Back when the game was announced it was indicated that Bendis' storyline will take players through famous Marvel storylines from the Golden Age and onward, including those in alternate realities like the Ultimate Universe, and the Marvel Movieverse.

So far the designs seem rooted in the main "616" reality, although they seem streamlined enough to accommodate heavy design modifications down the road for the sake of alternate costumes.

Check out the character designs released so far below:

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