One the things that I definitely look forward to every year at San Diego's Comic-Con International is the display of Marvel Universe action figures at the Hasbro booth. It's  the kind of thing that I dreamed about creating when I was a kid, and, uh, also as an adult who still buys a frighteningly large amount of toys, and it's so fun just to look at. Rather than just displaying them, Hasbro uses their endless supply of 3.75" Marvel Universe figures to create a massive battle, with heroes and villains tearing through Dr. Doom's castle and teaming up to battle Galactus, the Devourer Of Worlds, as he rises from a pit of lava.

Obviously, a battle of this size has a lot going on, which is why ComicsAlliance is here to help you out with our color commentators, Good Ol' Chris Sims and Matt "The King" Wilson, to break down exactly what's happening in this massive (well, relatively massive) battle!


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