If you're a regular ComicsAlliance reader, there's a good chance your social media feeds have been sufficiently clogged/enriched with your friends' latest achievements from the recently-released Marvel: Avengers Alliance Facebook RPG. Depending on how you feel about the deluge of Marvel-based gaming activity in your life, you're going to either want to bolster your tolerance or pace your excitement, because according to Marvel XP there are plenty more games on the way. Fred Van Lente may even be writing some of them... maybe.Currently an mere enhancement to the main Avengers Alliance game, Marvel XP gives players access to news, bonus content and the like. Once a user signs in, however, Marvel XP reveals its true nature as a nexus for future games.

From Marvel XP's official info:

Avengers Alliance is just the beginning of an epic storyline, continued across all Marvel XP games, unlike anything you've experienced before in games. Your progress and actions in Marvel XP enabled games like Avengers Alliance unlock new exclusive content:

-Earn Award badges for your feats and victories.

-Compile Dossiers on the allies you've recruited and the enemies you've defeated.

-Receive News bulletins about the unfolding events in an epic, multi-game storyline.

-Chart your adventure throughout the entire Marvel Gaming Universe.

There's no word on what the future games are, exactly, but considering Avengers Alliance is a comprehensive Marvel Universe title and "the first in an epic, multi-game storyline," it seems likely that upcoming titles could be RPGs. Perhaps a multiversal story spanning different realities/time and space?

[Via Facebook]

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