With Kierron Gillen and Billy Tan in the midst of a cybernetic Asgardian rampage following J. Michael Straczynski's multiyear "Thor" run, fans of the thunder god might be wondering which creators will be tackling the Odinson's adventures next.

Wonder no more!

As Marvel.com reports, Matt Fraction and John Romita Jr. are on the job beginning May 1 with the Free Comic Book Day release of "Iron Man/Thor" before Fraction picks up Thor's monthly title shortly thereafter.

This is pretty exciting news for fans of either creator. Fraction's run on both "Secret Invasion: Thor" and his "Thor: Ages of Thunder" stories demonstrate a hearty perspective of the character from across his immortal continuity while Romita Jr.'s experience spans multiple interpretations of the wing-helmed one.

FCBD's Iron Man and Thor team-up follows a significant period of distance between the two Avengers, but with Donald Blake's recent willingness to help restore Tony Stark's mind in the pages of Fraction's "The Invincible Iron Man," hopefully the scientist and the magical being can make amends and exchange a few high-fives (literal or metaphorical) soon.

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