The pop cultural anthropologists at Reddit have unearthed something both brilliant and glorious: a vintage Apple Macintosh brochure with illustrations by a young Matt Groening. Called "Who Needs a Computer Anyway? -- A Students Guide," the publication is a stark demonstration of Apple's strong ties to the creative and educational communities, bonds that helped Apple later become the most valuable technology company in the world. And as the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, Groening of course went on to make his mark as well. You can read the entire 21-page document below.

Apple and Groening's brochure appears to have been created and released just ahead or perhaps around the same time as The Simpsons debut on Fox. Featuring Blinky from Groening's Life in Hell comic strip, the guide is a remarkable read for reasons beyond the cartooning. It explains for perhaps the first time many of the computational routines we now take for granted across multiple platforms, like the ability to copy and paste information from one application into another. Longtime Mac users will also enjoy a look back at the classic design and trade dress Apple deployed in all of its literature.

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