Matt Kindt is somewhat of Dark Horse's secret weapon these days; leading the charge with hit creator-owned books such as Mind MGMT and Dept. H. In an industry packed with franchise superheroics and licensed properties, Kindt is one of the creators leading the charge with unique concepts and innovative storytelling.

That trend is set to continue later this year with the announcement of Ether, a new creator-owned title from Dark Horse which sees Matt Kindt team with artist David Rubin which sees two worlds of science and magic collide for one intrepid explorer.

Ether is a cross-dimensional story that sees its hero Boone Dias crossing between his own science-based reality and into the Ether, a world where magic is prevalent. As a scientist, Dias must come to terms with the existence of magic in this alternate reality, while the citizens of the Ether rely on Dias' unique understanding of scientific principles to solve their toughest crimes.

In a press release provided by Dark Horse, Kindt says, “Ether came from my love-hate relationship with the supernatural. It’s not a genre I’m particularly attracted to as a creator, and I really wanted to figure out why. So in a lot of ways, the main character in Ether is a surrogate for the part of me that wants to explore the supernatural but also wants everything to be explained — which can literally ruin the magic of a supernatural story.”

Ether #1 is released on November 16th 2016 and will be available digitally or in comic book stores.


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