Mattel's 6" all-inclusive Batman Legacy line seemed to have something for everyone when it debuted at Toy Fair last month. DC Universe Classics fans get a repainted Silver Age Mr. Freeze, a Golden Age Joker and a Modern Age Batman, while gamers get a Batman: Arkham City 2-pack featuring Batman and Two-Face and movie buffs get a 2-pack stocked with Batman Begins Prototype Batsuit Batman and Lt. Jim Gordon. I'll admit, I'd rather have had a full Arkham City line, but considering this is the summer of Green Lantern and DC Direct's already got two Arkham Asylum lines of its own, simply waiting for more will be the hardest part.Entertainment Earth currently lists each single figure at $16.99, with two-packs going for $30.99. Retail prices could be closer to the DC Universe Classics $15 price point depending on where you shop when the toys arrive around July.

See the new product images below:

[Via Toynewsi]