Mattel's DC Universe Classics line will wrap with its 20th wave in a few months, but it's not so much the end of the line as a rebranding shift, with more of the toymaker's 6" superhero figures being released through the DC Comics All-Stars line in 2012. As revealed today on MattyCollector, the first retail mix of figures from this new line will include Larfleeze, Superboy Prime in Anti-Monitor, an evil Flashpoint (Eel O'Brian) Plastic Man and Batman Beyond.The All-Stars line gives collectors their first non DC Direct Larfleeze, Flashpoint Plastic Man and Superboy Prime. Batman Beyond is a re-release from the 4th DC Universe Classics wave, which also included an unmasked variant of the character.

Though the Batman Beyond figure seems to come with a batarang and Larfleeze has his Orange Central Power Battery, accessories seem sparse on the other two figures. This might change by the time the toys arrive at retail, but compared to the DCUC SDCC 2010 exclusive Plastic Man's numerous rubbery attachments, this Flashpoint All-Star definitely comes up short in the accessory department.

Pricing details have yet to be announced, although it's probably safe to assume they'll retail for around the same cost as the single-packed DC Universe Classics figures.

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