Every year San Diego Comic-Con fills toy collectors with a mix of euphoria and dread as beautiful exclusives are announced -- exclusives that seem to justify the insane line waits and competitive spirit needed to obtain them. Mattel let loose their wares last night on Attack of the Show on G4 and... well, you might want to sit down. Toy collecting Comic-Conners will have first crack at Green Lantern Movie Masters Kilowog ($25), a DC Universe Swamp Thing with recyclable/biodegradable cardboard mask and the Un-Men ($30), a 6" super-articulated Voltron ($30) and a humongous Stay Puft of Ghostbusters fame with a New York City diorama box ($70). More details after the jump.While Kilowog is more or less an advance release, Mattel's Swamp Thing might just cause a full-scale riot at SDCC. Not only does he bear a superb sculpt, all of Swampy's articulation is concealed by a rubbery membrane like Barbie knee joints. Swamp Thing's SDCC exclusive will also come with the old school Un-Men, which won't be a part of the elemental's eventual release on Matty Collector. As for Voltron and Stay Puft? Voltron comes with two swords and a con-exclusive talking box that recites the original animated series' opening while ol' SP sports a huge frame of squishy goodness in front of a massive cardboard New York skyline.

Catch the SDCC exclusive rollouts from G4 below:

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