Even though the Mego Corporation folded nearly three decades ago, the look of its simple 8" dolls has stood the test of time thanks to passionate fans (and, well, "Twisted Toyfare Theatre"). Mego-style dolls have experienced an extra rad kind of resurgence of late via Mattel's World's Greatest DC Heroes line, which has served up many DC Comics heroes and villains that never saw the light of day under Mego. In addition to Captain Marvel (called SHAZAM! in this line) the line will see the first appearance of Megoish Black Adam, Martian Manhunter and the deliciously doughy Darkseid.While the arguably goofy look of the line isn't everyone's cup of tea, collectors will dig Captain Marvel's enormous grin, Martian Manhunter's cape gold chain-like cape string, Black Adam's passing resemblance to a young Dan Aykroyd and (as pointed out by Mego Museum) Darkseid's padded bulk.

See larger images of the line below to see what you make of the vintage looks.

[Via Toynewsi]