Medicom kicked off its line of DC Comics soft vinyl Sofubi figures pretty conservatively with Batman and the Joker, but it looks like the second wave will get a little weirder. Sure, Superman's leading the three-figure wave, but he's joined by none other than Bizarro and Swamp Thing (who is am-ay-zing, and fights everything nasty).

Like most Sofubi figures, Superman and Bizarro will stand 250mm tall (about 9.85") and feature 5 points of articulation. Swamp Thing is a little taller at 300mm tall (about 11.8"). On the accessory side, Superman and Bizarro sport removable soft vinyl capes, while the chunky Swampy lives and dies by his earthy paint job alone.

While Batman and Joker are set to arrive in March, fans will have to wait until May to get their hands on the rest. Supes and Bizarro will retail for ¥8,000 with the larger Swamp Thing fetching ¥12,000. U.S. preorder sites like Entertainment Earth have listed Superman for $79.99 and Bizarro for $79.99, but no word on Swamp Thing just yet.






Swamp Thing 


[Via Medicom]