Following a successful series of projects at Udon and Viz before that, Capcom's beloved Mega Man character is setting down new comic book roots at Archie Comics. The publisher has managed the four-color exploits of SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog for nearly two decades now, and hopes to do the same with the classic robot hero beginning in 2011.

From the official press release:

With the aid of his mighty Mega Buster blaster arm and a killer creative team including renowned artist Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante and infamous Archie action/adventure writer Ian Flynn, Mega Man is equipped to blast his way back into the comic book world in his own monthly action. Arriving Spring 2011, the new Mega Man comic from Archie Comics promises to build a faithful legacy while exploring a vast universe of heroes, villains, and robots.

"Since 1987, the enormously successful Mega Man franchise has conquered media from video games to television to manga. Archie Comics is ready to carry on this tradition of success, holding true to the spirit of the old school with a fresh eye on Mega Man's strong potential in the world of American comics," promised Archie Comics editor of Sonic and now the Mega Man franchise, Paul Kaminski.

Mega Man was last seen in comics shops courtesy of Udon, who this year published "Mega Man Megamix," a three-volume manga Hitoshi Ariga that had waited a long time for a North American edition, having been originally published in Japan in 1997. Viz Media handled the North American release of "MegaMan NT Warrior," a translation of Ryo Takamisaki's 13-volume "Rockman EXE."

Archie's "Mega Man" #1 by Ian Flynn and Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante will boot up in Spring 2011.

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