While you're thinking about what your favorite superheroes might look like in NES games this week, take a moment to ponder how Capcom's favorite Blue Bomber might appear if his games were based in Conan stories or Frank Frazetta paintings. Mega Man comes from a bright, shiny future world that fits easily in anime by default, but a ragtag team of artists have decided to get serious and paint him and his Evil Robot Master enemies into the dark ages.

The contest that prompted these epic works of art is still ongoing through August 9 over at CGHUB's CharacterFORGE, and combing the thread there for source material comparisons may blow your mind in a few cases. In fact, Capcom could totally recruit a few of these entrants to design a "Final Fantasy"-style RPG if they wanted to.
Dr. Wily as an evil mad-genius Blacksmith and the scissor-crazy jester rendition of Cut Man in particular look like contenders, but until all of these designs get finished first place is definitely up for grabs.

Teisel Bonne, Bon Bonne and Servbots


Roll and Rock

Skull Man


Heat Man

Pharaoh Man

Heat Man

Mega Man




Dr. Wily

Cut Man

Rush and Roll

[Via Kotaku]

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