Though there's been many incarnations of Mega Man over the years, Capcom's Blue Bomber will always be known for his 8-bit debut. With this in mind, Japanese toymaker Kawada are releasing two Mega Man (or, in this case, "Rockman," as he's known in his country of origin) brick sets that let fans build appropriately blocky versions of their favorite video game hero, plus his robot master foe Cut Man.

Retailing for about $18-24 a set at various preorder sites, both sets are expected to arrive around November. Both Mega Man and Cut Man come with enough pieces to built in a variety of poses, but specifically two iconic forms based on their video game sprites. Each set also supplies the robots with a number of accessories. Mega Man comes with an E-tank, energy pellets and power ups. Cut Man, on the other hand, comes packed with Dr. Wily creations that populate his video game stage.

One thing to consider about these brick sets, is their size. As part of Kawada's Diablock series, the "Nanobricks" that make up these kits are much smaller than LEGO or KRE-O blocks. Mega Man, for example, stands a little shorter than 2.5" tall. At that size both figures could make decent makeshift bookmarks in Archie's Mega Man comics or Udon and Viz's various MM manga, though.

You can get a closer look at Kawada's upcoming Mega Man NanoBlock sets below.


[Via Tomopop]