It's hard to believe that a "Jonah Hex" movie is hitting theaters before "Wonder Woman" or "The Flash," but that's what we're looking at. Luckily, "Hex" looks like it's going to be a pretty cool affair thanks to the involvement of Josh Brolin (the star of "No Country For Old Men" and a lifelong Goonie) as Hex himself.

While we still haven't seen much from the "Hex" production outside of a few official images, these ComicsAlliance exclusive DC Direct busts give a pretty clear indication of what we can expect in terms of character design. A bust of Megan Fox's character, Leila, features the gun-toting prostitute -- note the pistol behind her back -- in her corseted finery, but with a waist that isn't quite as impossibly narrow as it is in some of the production stills we've seen.

And while it was more or less a given that Jonah himself would be a grisly sight to behold, I don't mind gawking at his face in statuesque form. Unless "Toy Story" rules apply, in which case I'm sorry I said anything. Both busts, along with plenty of other DC Direct merchandise, will be on display tomorrow at the New York Toy Fair. You, however, can check both out after the jump...


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