In not even a week's time, Megatokyo creator Fred Gallagher's Kickstarter project to publish a "visual novel" based on his popular manga series has not only shattered its funding goal of $20,000, it's well on its way to hitting its sort-of-a-joke stretch goal of $500,000. Who needs CMX?

With 24 days left to go, the project has racked up more than $135,000 from fans excited by the prospect of playing a game from the perspective of Megatokyo's lead characters, Piro and Largo.

The project has already hit some of its stretch goals, which means that a good many other characters -- Kimiko, Erika, Miho, Ping, Yuki, Mugi, Junko, Dom, Ed, Boo and Junpei -- will be playable as well. A second chapter of the game has been funded, too, and a third will be funded at the $150,000 mark.

What's that $500,000 stretch goal, you ask? Gallagher will include what he calls "excessively romantic content," though that's something he tries to "typically shy away from." Take that as you will.

Donors who toss in $10 or more get a digital download of the first part of the game, and higher levels include soundtrack downloads, art books, an opportunity to beta-test the game, original art and even being drawn into the background of the game.

Here's hoping all that cash means the text in the actual game won't be comic sans.

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