Memorial: Imaginary Fiends begins its single-issue print run this Wednesday, with the first installment of a three issue series that collects the digital-first series' original nine chapters. The story by Chris Roberson (Edison Rex), artist Rich Ellis (Stars Below) and colorist Grace Allison (Wander) picks up where the first Memorial storyline left off, with a host of humans recovering memories long lost to them. What does the massive recall restoration mean for protagonist Em and her friends and the previously unvisited Land of Maybe? IDW has provided us with a first look at select pages from the first print issue of Imaginary Fiends, which will start readers down the road to answers, after the cut.From IDW's official solicitation info:

Return to the world of Memorial in "Imaginary Fiends," an all new 3 issue series! The fantasies and fears that seem so real to children are often forgotten in adulthood. But after the events of the first Memorial miniseries, forgotten memories are being recovered all over the world. Can those lost fears and fantasies be far behind? Brought to you by Chris Roberson (EDISON REX, iZOMBIE), Rich Ellis (STARS BELOW, TWILIGHT ZONE), and Grace Allison (WANDER).

You can get an early look inside Memorial: Imaginary Fiends #1, below.

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