I consider myself a pretty big fan of both masked luchadores and pulp magazine cover art, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found something that combined them. Over at the great Monster Brains Blog, Aeron Alfrey has unearthed a phenomenal collection of Mexican pulp magazine covers, featuring everything from invisible men fighting gorillas to killer robots to the most melodramatic ghosts I've ever seen.

Check out a few of my favorites after the cut!To kick things off, we have a city besieged by the horror of a robot gone mad. The best thing, though, is that dude in the car, who looks less like he's in mortal peril and more like he's waving to his pals. "Oh hey, what's up? Just cruisin' with my new robro, y'all."

Along the same lines, it's the reaction shots that really sell a lot of these, like the young lady being menaced by a gorilla on this cover. Then again, if you saw a floating knife attacking a gorilla that looked like he was leading a waltz, you'd probably have that expression too:

This one might seem like a supernatural horror story of a lone priest battling against the terrifying forces of the supernatural, but just look at that young lady. Clearly, this is a man who is unforgivably late for his date with an albino supermodel, and that book that he brought her as a present is just not making up for it:

It's been a while since I've seen it, but I'm pretty sure this is an adaptation of that scene in Blue Hawaii where Elvis was attacked by bee-ladies from space, and had to woo them by singing a song about his "honeys." Alternately, that could be a fever dream I had when I passed out listening to "Suspicious Minds."

While the tree in the center looks terrifyingly angry and the one on the left appears to be moaning in pain, the one on the right is definitely more alarmed than the dude being tree-menaced. That is a "NO DON'T COME IN HERE I'M BUSY" face if I've ever seen one:

Remember that time Ambush Bug fought Two-Face? It... it got a little weird:

I think this one might be meant to be terrifying, but the fear is a little undercut by the fact that this shambling zombie nun is clearly rolling her eyes at that guy's choice of attire. Those tights with an olive cape? PUH LEASE.

The change of hair color and style was changed for legal purposes, but the truth remains! At last it can be told, the terrifying satanic secrets that fueled the work of Bob Ross! How happy can those trees really be... in Hell!!

I don't really have a joke for this one, I just think it's pretty remarkable how much it looks like the work of Nocturnals creator Dan Brereton:

And finally, my favorite. The best thing is that despite the lady's reaction, our luchador friend doesn't really seem all that threatening -- except to any rudos who try to take his championship! Instead, the fact that we can't see his expression and his handsome suit of clothes makes this seem like a hilarious Farrelly Bros.-esque misunderstanding, and that just makes me want to see more lucha-based RomComs. Why is that not a thing yet?

For more, check out the full gallery at Monster Brains!

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