In our recurring original art feature, writer Chris Sims and artist Rusty Shackles carry on the noble comic book tradition of the imaginary story by bringing you the Best Comics Ever that don't actually exist! This week, we're taking the DC Universe's greatest heroes South of the Border to the world of lucha libre!

The Justice Luchadores of America (March, 1998)

Story: Chris Sims

Art: Rusty Shackles

The union of the Robot and the Aztec Mummy has finally done the impossible -- they've defeated the Justice League of America! But while the World's Greatest Heroes may have been defeated, the World's Greatest Technicos have not yet begun to fight! Thanks to the transformative powers of the mystical Santo Stone, the Justice League has been reborn with all new identities to counter this terrifying threat, so make way for the new team! Ultimo Hijo De Krypton! Oscuro Caballero! Señor Marciano! El Rápido, Jr.! La Fuerte Feminino! Espacio Policia III! And of course, Aquaman!

But will their combined power be enough to stop that threat and keep the sinister El El and his Injustice Rudos from using the power of the Blue Demon for their own gain? The next epic starts here!

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