If you've been reading ComicsAlliance for a while, then you're probably already aware that I'm a staunch advocate for getting more comics focuses on the amazing world of Mexican professional wrestling. Now, with J. Gonzo's La Mano del Destino from Castle and Key Publications, we've finally gotten the luchador comic I've been waiting for, with an incredible story of mysticism, revenge, and the dreaded flying elbow drop.

But beyond the comic itself, Gonzo's embracing the age of the Internet and letting his work speak for itself: A full three months before it hits comic shop shelves, you can read the entire first issue online for free, starting with a video trailer and a five-page prologue right here at ComicsAlliance!

La Mano Del Destino tells the story of a technico whose enemies stripped him of both his title and his mask -- the ultimate dishonor for a luchador -- and who made a deal to take on the identity of the Hand of Destiny so that he can get revenge on his rudo opponents, who are powered by the shamanic mysticism of an evil promoter who preys on their vanity in order to further his own sinister goals. It's resoundingly high concept -- gloriously, unabashedly so -- but Gonzo pulls it off with a a level of skill, craftsmanship and serious earnestness that make it one of the best new books I've read in a while.

Right from the the cover, it's got an incredible style to it that just works beautifully. The design manages to be both retro and dynamic, full of Kirby-style action and cinematic introspection, a balance that can be incredibly hard to pull off. But Gonzo does it, and he plays straight with even the silliest, strangest aspects of the book, which just makes it even more fun to read. It's just fantastic stuff, and even though it's available online, it's worth every penny of the $3.50 cover price.

La Mano Del Destino #1 - Five Page Preview

For the rest, you can read the full 21-page issue right here, along with every other issue of the series as they're released and for the printed version, La Mano Del Destino #1 can be found on page 270 of May's Previews catalog, with the order code MAY110969.

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