So you remember a while back when we told you how there was a Miami Vice comic coming out by Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood, and that it was probably going to be one of the weirdest things on the stands? Yeah. Turns out we were right, except that it's way weirder than I think any of us actually expected it to be.

Instead of stylishly solving crimes in pastel blazers, Casey and Mahfood's take on Crocket and Tubbs has found them caught up in a nefarious plot to flood the streets of Miami with a new designer drug that turns people into shambling zombies. It's called Miami Bath Salts, and in next week's issue, Tubbs himself has been hit with a dose and sent spiraling into disco psychosis. And yes: those are all words used within this comic. See for yourself with the preview below!






Under normal circumstances, it's a pretty big cliche to ask something like, "Will Character X be able to overcome Problem Y?", but I think we can all agree that once a hallucinatory James Brown shows up, normal circumstances are directly out the widow. With all that's going on  in just those five pages, I think Crockett and Tubbs will be lucky to get out of this issue with their faculties intact.

Miami Vice Remix #3 is released from Lion Forge and IDW on May 13 with a cover price of $3.99, followed in June by the fourth and in July by the final issue of the five-issue miniseries.