Smallville's Lex Luthor,
Michael Rosenbaum, made it abundantly clear on Twitter Wednesday that he is the absolutely most qualified actor to play Lex Luthor in the
already-green-lit Man of Steel sequel. No other actors who have no hair or the ability to shave their heads -- especially not Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, who Rosenbaum addressed by name -- are worthy of the role, he proclaimed from his Twitter mountaintop.

a Buzzfocus article listing off potential Lexes. Rosenbaum tops the list, but also included are John Glover, who portrayed Lex's dad Lionel on
Smallville; Cranston; Jon Hamm, who showed up as Lex in a pretty terrific
Funny or Die video a few years ago, and a handful of other bald and non-bald actors.

One does have to wonder what sort of reaction, if Rosenbaum does reprise the role, Lex would have to encountering a Superman who is not Tom Welling, doesn't wear a goofy-looking red leather jacket and refuses to answer to the name "The Blur." That'd be confusing for anybody.

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