If you're a regular ComicsAlliance reader, then you've no doubt seen us talk about Michel Fiffe's Copra before. Inspired by Fiffe's love of the classic 1980s run of Suicide Squad by John Ostrander, Kim Yale and Luke McDonnell, it was one of the most impressive comics in recent memory -- 12 self-published issues that were built on incredible art and masterful craftsmanship that made it something more than just a story about analogues and pushed it to the top of our Best of the Year list.

When the series ended with #12, fulfilling Fiffe's commitment to producing a year of monthly comics by himself, the question everyone was asking was whether the series would eventually continue, and now we know exactly when that's going to happen: as revealed in a video teaser, Copra is set to return in April at MoCCA for another six issue run. Check out the teaser below!



If you missed it in the hail of kaleidoscopic video effects, the cover to Copra #13 could briefly be seen, featuring Lloyd on a motorcycle. It is already my favorite comic of 2014.



In addition to the teaser video, Fiffe also recently offered a subscription through his Etsy page, limited to 100 subscribers. Predictably, they went pretty fast, but individual issues will still be up for purchase as they come out, both on the website and through comic book stores that carry the title (you can find a list of them at Fiffe's website).

In addition to Copra's return at MoCCA Fest on April 5 in New York City, Copra is also set to script All-New Ultimates for Marvel, focusing on the younger characters of the Marvel Universe as a "superhero teen crime comic," with art by Amilcar Pinna and Nolan Woodard, and lettering by Clayton Cowles. In other words, it's a pretty good time to be reading comics.