The various houses of Westeros and Essos tend to group certain kinds of personalities, giving them narrative power by serving as something of a mirror to the reader's own moods and experiences. Some days you're feeling the fury of House Baratheon, others you're repaying your debts as diligently as the roaring House Lannister. Miguel Lokia AKA "Lokiable" on DeviantArt has imagined what banners of dynasties forged by your favorite characters from comics, anime, TV and film might look like in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire universe through the lens of HBO's Game of Thrones TV adaptation aesthetic. Several Avengers, the Skywalkers, Full Metal Alchemist's Elrics and others get crests and mottos that could plausibly hang on flags found in Martin's universe. The mashups aren't gushing with pure reverence, though, with a particularly fun Pokémon parody thrown in the mix. You can check out a selection of the GoT banner mashups after the cut.

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