If there's one artist the blogosphere ought to trust to bring them their favorite superheroes, Star Wars characters (and even kaiju) atop slick custom bicycles, it's mountain bike devotee Mike Joos. Culling from his more than 4 years of biking blogging, the Maryland artist has crafted some stupendously fun images depicting guys like Thor getting around on a Mjolnir-cycle, while the more elegant Wonder Woman cruises around on an invisible pair of wheels. See Joos's brand of stylized cycles after the jump.Joos busts out clever illustrations just as fast as he bikes with a regularly updated art blog and an Etsy shop stocked with prints, t-shirts and tote bags bearing each of his signature pieces. If he added messenger bags to his merch fold, I'm pretty sure the bike lanes in Portland could become a veritable billboard for his work.

See a selection of our favorite bike-themed Joos pieces below:

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