Mike Laughead has a sugary Bryan Lee O'Malley meets Art Balthazar look to his artwork, and he pulls it off in a variety of ways, putting robots on unicorns in his own comics and bouncing pint-sized pink Batman off of walls. He's exactly the kind of artist you'd want to see illustrating children's magazines and designing T-shirts, which is probably why he was able to build his livelihood around those skills.

His Captain America and Green Lantern stray from the wide-eyed manga expressions he uses elsewhere on Dragon Ball and KISS portraits, but he mixes it up in other ways on his site at MikeLaughead.com and his Society6 page, where sells prints featuring Madman, Robin and Mr. Sensitive of the X-Statix. He's got plenty of his own characters and original designs as well there.

Laughead's curvy take on Batgirl in particular is likely a little different from anything you've seen before. Check it out along with a few other favorites we found below.