Remember that one time when MRVLCATS stormed the Internet and demanded to be loved for their bottomless pit of cuteness? Well, Mike Maihack contributed to that movement, and his felines got us looking around at a few other super-powered scenes that he's made, like Wolverine pouring a spot of tea or enjoying a brief flight over a Sentinel. A little bit Chris Giarusso and a smidge Dean Trippe with pinch of Alvin and the Chipmunks (the cartoon series, not the film featuring the voice of Jason Lee), Maihack opts for adorable faces over big guns and long thighs in his artwork, but his sketch library is full of lethal and lovely comics ladies like Vampirella, Black Widow and Power Girl.

Maihack obviously dug a few things that were going on in the Tron films, too, because his portfolio on deviantART also includes some takes on Quorra and Yori. You'll find even more of his spunky work on his website at, where he posts commissions, as well as his own comics like Cow & Buffalo and Cleopatra in Spaaace!

Feel-good artwork like this is great to sift through sometimes. Maihack's got a lively touch and a solid handle on proportions. Make sure and check out his comics, and lay your eyeballs on a few of our favorite pieces that we found in his archives below.