Everyone knows that it takes more than special powers to be a true superhero, but the extra ingredients responsible for augmenting otherwise ordinary men and women certainly don't hurt their chances at accomplishing legendary feats. Where would Spider-Man be without his, y'know, Spider powers? Or Iron Man without... Iron? They wouldn't be on this new minimalist tee from Threadless, that's for sure.Commandeering a somewhat more heroic (or terrified - it's kind of hard to tell) version of a men's restroom icon, designer Jonah Block lays out an equation fit for two heroes. Man + blue spider = Spider-Man, man + yellow iron = Iron Man. The math is so easy it doesn't even require mathematical symbols.

Block had submitted an additional design that included Batman in the minimalist t-shirt action awhile back, but it looks like the folks and fans at Threadless made theirs Marvel in the end. Considering Block's substantial portfolio of comic book fan and gamer-friendly designs, this is likely just the beginning of the designer's superhero tee career.