Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe is one of the most heartwarming, beautiful shows on television, and the comics published via Boom StudiosKaBOOM imprint have been an absolute hoot. Later this month sees the release of a brand new miniseries, Steven Universe and The Crystal Gems, and Fried Pie Comics has four exclusive variants from Missy Pena!

The variants display the Crystal Gems in a gorgeous art nouveau style, each getting their time to shine on their own solo cover. Steven, Pearl, Amythest and Garnet all look resplendent on covers that still manage to capture the tone and the style of the show perfectly.

The new miniseries is the latest in KaBOOM’s Steven Universe line, following the eponymous eight issue anthology jam comic, and a one shot starring Steven’s dad, Greg Universe. With no new episodes since January, and no news about when Season 2 returns to Cartoon Network, KaBOOM’s miniseries is the perfect thing to hold you over while you wait to for the show to return.

Steven Universe & The Crystal Gems is written by Josceline Fenton and illustrated by Chrystin Garland, and promises to keep Beach City weird with an all-new spooky tale. When the Crystal Gems tell Steven a campfire tale, they have to reassure him it’s just a story, but when they return home it looks like that story has come to life.

The first issue is available March 16th, the variant covers are available via Fried Pie Comics, and more information can be found at

Check out the rest of the variant covers below:




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